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  •  The Use Of Digital TV
    [ 2017-04-21 ]
    In digital TV, using a two-way information transmission technology, increase the ability of interaction with TV many new functions, so that people can get all kinds of network services according to their own needs, including new video on demand, online shopping, remote education, remote medical services, so that TV has become the information appliance worthy of the name of the. The most important service provided by digital TV is video on demand (VOD). VOD is a new TV program, it is not like the traditional TV, users can only passively watching television programs, it provides more freedom, more options, stronger interaction, the need to pass the user, the user's point of view, to effectively improve the program participatory, interactive, targeted. Therefore, it can be predicted that the future direction of the development of television is the direction of the development of on-demand mode. Digital TV also provides other services, including data transfer, teletext, Internet services, etc.. Users can use the reality of stock trading, information query, surfing the Internet and so on, so that the TV has been given a new purpose, the expansion of the function of the TV, the TV from a closed window into a communication window.
  • Invitation
    [ 2017-04-15 ]
    Welcom all of you visit our booth No.548, ISA interpersonal sign expo,We will show three typical outdoor lcd displays for your reference at that time. The three items are as below: 1.42" wall mount LCD display 2.55" ventilation cooling system LCD display 3.55" AC cooling and heating system LCD display   It will be our great honnor to having you there.
  •  46inch high definition sunlight outdoor lcd display in Melbourne, Australia
    [ 2017-04-14 ]
    46inch high definition sunlight outdoor lcd display in Melbourne, Australia     Good design of our Senpal Outdoor lcd Display, now in the Melbourne, Australia. It is located in the square, it makes the city more beautiful.    (senpal outdoor lcd display/kiosks/signage/player/screen)
  • Our Standard Product-55inch  Outdoor LCD Display
    [ 2017-04-14 ]
    GOOD NEWS FROM SENPAL Our company has launched our standard product-55inch outdoor lcd display in 2017. We just want to share the good news with you.                                                                                                                                 (Senpal outdoor lcd display/kiosks/signage/player/screen)
  • What is the most significant element of the new media age? Eyeball economy!
    [ 2017-04-13 ]
    In the new media age, what is the important factor that can make an effect on your business? Yes, it is technology. Intelligence at this stage is destined to be closely linked with the Internet. Xunbao intelligent outdoor LCD advertising machine equipped with intelligent air conditioning cooling system, heat exchange cooling system, solar radiation induction energy-saving system, not only lead the industry's future development trend, but also the application of the cloud platform information release system, outdoor remote monitoring system to connect the Internet platform , To facilitate the city community service stations, bus stations, highway population concentration of information dissemination more efficient and efficient. Xunbao smart outdoor LCD advertising machine is the earliest outdoor advertising experts, won more than 30 patents, industry leading technology, research and development production set high-quality and one, the daily volume of 100 units. Even a large number of cities in the country, or a large number of overseas demand enough to meet. "Let the sun and rain, I am so clear." This is the brand name of the fast leopard, but also the commitment of the quality of the leopard. Hope Xunbao intelligent outdoor LCD advertising machine in the future more intelligent, more environmentally friendly. At the same time, also hot pillow look forward to more with the same leopard carrying the same spirit of the business together to join the ranks of fast leopard. For the future development of modern environmental protection and intelligence contribute to a force.