•  kiosks can operate in all-kinds of weather, temperatures and light conditions, indoors and outdoors
    [ 2017-08-14 ]
        Senpal outdoor kiosks can operate in all-kinds of weather, temperatures and light conditions, indoors and outdoors, suited for applications including digital signage, wayfinding and infotainment.     The kiosks are rated to IP65 to protect against dust and moisture, and feature optional air conditioning units. it will withstand temperatures from -40 to +55°C.      The 6mm thermally toughened glass gives protection against rain and dust while the anti-glare treatment and a light transmission of approximately 90% will support readability in high and low ambient light conditions.
  • Outdoor Digital Signage for Quick Service
    [ 2017-08-10 ]
    Digital Signage for Quick Service Digital signage saves money and streamlines the communications with customers.Digital Signage for Quick Service can:Saving time and money by shifting from printed to wall mount lcd display. As you can see, it's one of our cases apply in quick service. we provide service for Mcdonald's. If you wanna know more about our product,pls kindly contact us .
  • Digital technology is changing out-of-home advertising
    [ 2017-08-05 ]
    Digital technology is changing out-of-home advertising in our cities. In response to our clients' needs.These can be compatible with a wide variety of signal sources like analogue and digital video as well as data content. SENPAL'S s digital products can be integrated into wall units, monopoles or existing advertising structures. XunBao Technic Co., Ltd is dedicated to the future development of digital signage solutions.  products along with IP certified housings and high-resolution displays can offer our clients a total solution for all dynamic digital signage. We will support all of your needs within the advancing electronic advertising field. WE ARE THE ONE, WE ARE THE BEST.
  • Technical development of TFT display
    [ 2017-08-05 ]
    The Thin Film Transistor is short for Thin Film transistors.TFT screen are the mainstream of laptop and desktop display device, the class every LCD pixels on the screen is integrated in the thin film transistor to drive behind the pixels, so the TFT screen is also a kind of active matrix liquid crystal display device.It is one of the best LCD color displays, and the TFT type display has the advantages of high responsiveness, high brightness, high contrast and so on. Its display effect is close to CRT display.In Japan in 1993, after mastering the TFT - LCD production technology, liquid crystal display to the two direction: one direction is toward the low price, low cost of the STN LCD display direction, then introduced the DSTN - LCD (double super twisted array);The other direction is the development of high quality thin-film transistor tft-lcd.Early TFT LCD is mainly used in notebooks, though at the time TFT relative to the DSTN has a great advantage, but because of technical problems, TFT LCD on response time, brightness and the viewing Angle and a large gap with the traditional CRT display, coupled with very low yield lead to its high price, make the desktop TFT LCD becomes unreachable objects.However, with the continuous development of technology, the yield of constantly improve, with the emergence of some new technology, makes the TFT LCD in response time, contrast, brightness, has made great progress in visual Angle, pull close the gap with the traditional CRT display. Early LCD in brightness, response time, contrast can not reach the requirements of the mainstream display, the response time of some products in more than 50 ms, trailing phenomenon is serious, only suitable for the moving image performance requirements is not high, these limitations also limits the LCD in the mainstream market promotion.But with the progress of technology, technology of mature gradually, TFT panel LCD monitor the response time of the obtained very big development, the current mainstream products are under 25 ms products, and even some manufacturers launched 16 ms response time of LCD display.At the same time, the LCD monitor has made great strides in brightness and contrast, and the TFT - LCD has reached a level of 1) and a vertical Angle of 170 degrees.2) display brightness to 500 nett, contrast 500:1;3) life spans more than 30,000 hours. On the LCD display effect, due to the ascension of brightness contrast, most LCD monitors have realistic effects and CRT display, and because the response time greatly ascend, LCD display more and more suitable for more applications, 16 ms response time of LCD and even in the heat of the game and no residual shadows of tail phenomenon, has been accepted by some game enthusiasts.
  • what we can do for you --outdoor lcd solution
    [ 2017-07-28 ]
    XunBao Technic Co.,Ltd was established in 2009, China. We delivers a range of services offering solutions for various domains, such as schools, hospital, shopping mall, airport, highway station, bus station, community and so on. LCD display solution projects; where Visuals are essential to distribute information.  Our Clients are always viewed as the reason we are in business and we strive to exceed their expectations so that we may develop long-term business relationships with 100% satisfaction.  We offer a complete service from design and installation through to ongoing maintenance and support. We don't offer "one size fits all" solutions; but work to understand your needs and apply our experience o create new, better and often more cost effective solutions, comprehensive design and engineering service as well as post installation maintenance and technical support. some of our cases: