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Important component of HB outdoor LCD

Published:2016-01-22 22:00:58

How many important component are there of HB outdoor LCD? Actually, they are LCD, glass substrate , polarizing film and backlight.

  1、liquid crystal

  Liquid crystal is the most important component part of outdoor HB LCD.Different device used different liquid crystal. Liquid crystal is made of a lot of Monomer liquid crystal materials, more than ten kinds. Every liquid crystal has itself fixed spot “TL” and crystallization point “TS”

  2、Glass substrate

  It was used in the thin glass float glass production of the surface of LCD.If it was scratched, cut off or corrosion, the device will be scraped.

  3、polarizing film

  Polarizing film also was named Polaroid.It was made by plastic material. There is a protective film in the surface. You should peel off it before you use it..High temperature and high humidity can made it return a polarization and blister.


  The outdoor LCD cannot shine by itself. It is belong to passive type luminescence liquid crystal .So it must have exoteric light. LED、CCFL are the two kinds of common backlights.

  When you purchase the outdoor LCD display, you can check the HB outdoor LCD with above four points.

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