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Options of Full outdoor LCD advertising Display

Published:2016-06-29 15:32:43

LCD Advertising displays is a equipment which can play advertisements, this machine is widely used in various area with multi-function. However, some customers are still not very clear about LCD display ,now lets make a cohesive technical introduction about full outdoor LCD displays for your reference .


1, LCD Advertising Equipment

LCD advertising equipment adopt LCD monitor to play video advertisements, particularly for high-end brand of integrated multimedia technology, deliver a full range of product information to consumers, promotions and so on. Enhance the rate of sale terminals of product display and effect shown to stimulate impulse buying action. Placing them next to the store can automatically open publicity advertising. Compared to other traditional media and promotions, LCD advertising has an obvious advantage with extremely low investment and high cost.


2. Outdoor Advertising Display


Outdoor advertising display has nothing to do with weather , you will be able to display information in full outdoor environment, which can bring good information dissemination outdoor visual and auditory enjoyment. It can be widely applied to outdoor advertising, outdoor public information publishing, outdoor media, interactive touch inquiries and other fields.


3. Vertical Advertising Equipment


Vertical advertising equipment is on the ground in the form of stand up, the industry understand it as floor standing advertising, vertical advertising equipment,which can have vertical and horizontal screen vertical screen appearance of vertical design methods.


4, Wall mount Advertising Displays


Wall mount advertising displays refers to the big screen terminal display device which applied in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel lobbies, restaurants, cinemas and other public places gathering crowd to publish professional multimedia audio-visual systems business, financial and entertainment information. Wall mount LCD advertising displays can advertise in product specific physical location, specific time periods for specific groups of people .


We believe that you have already known more about full outdoor LCD displays after reading the above . of course, the type of advertising is also far more than these four.  Terminal control software, information transmission network and multimedia terminals formed a complete display advertisements broadcasting system, outdoor lcd displays advertise and broadcast through pictures, text, video, widgets (weather, exchange rates, etc.) and other multimedia material .

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