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Xunbao Tplcd Twinkles the Hongkong 1881 Hotel

Published:2016-08-01 10:59:56

Xunbao Tplcd Twinkles the Hongkong 1881 Hotel

Shenzhen Xunbao outdoor advertising monitors take you enjoy the 5-star Hongkong 1881 hotel .


Hullett House Hotel with hundreds years history , has been refurnished, reconstructed and becomes the "New Horizons" of Hongkong --- 1881 Heritage , which gradually unfolds its colorful natural and graceful outline In Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon .


With harmonious colors, changeable pane, elegant pillars and parsimonious walls,It is delightful regardless of day and night .


If Shanghai New Horizon is a traditional oriental indifferent Ascot, then Hong Kong "1881 Heritage" will be a graceful and  elegant western lady, In the meanwhile, Senpal Outdoor advertising monitor OD55P01 applied in Hongkong Horizon is regard as the jewel ring on the lady, which is really modest luxury!

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