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The future of outdoor LCD display

Published:2016-01-22 21:58:20

The Chinese market is changing and transformation. As Chinese economic development motive power transformation from export-oriented to domestic demand, as the income and consumption ability of Chinese consumers in is generally improved greatly, and huge volume and the growth potential of the Chinese market based on, many industries in China (especially the field of consumer goods) will have a big industry integration of size effect based on, finally, the formation of a number of industry leading enterprises. There is no doubt, to help Chinese enterprises to establish such industry and market leading brand, is a great strategic need and opportunity for Chinese advertising industry, is a glorious and sacred mission for Chinese people who have a dream, and is the big driving force for realizing Chinese dream.

  The fundamental reason of these changes is still customer needs and industry environment changes, only the companies adapting and leading the changes from professional ability and management mode can become industry focus winners of survival of the fittest, but this process is precisely the route one must take and the inevitable result of the transformation and promotion of advertising industry.
  Transmission Mode change: from "one-way information dissemination model" to "mutual participation model of communication"--- outdoor lcd display comes
  In the past, the marketing communication mode we used is "mass communication model", is to use the mass media one-way transfer business information to the audience. Outdoor lcd display  tend to one-way display, because of the great change of the media today, especially the bigger and bigger impact of new media, consumer and audience no longer passively accept media information, display modes like a touch screen, multiple parallel linkage, action recognition, transparent screen, etc, and you can use the media to have an initiative participation, interaction, and even create and spread our influence. Therefore, communication must turn to a communication mode of more two-way and touch screen  today and in the future. That is must be able to attract the audiences’ active participation, interaction, more experience and more diffusion

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