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What should we pay attention to when purchase outdoor LCD

Published:2016-01-22 22:01:33

In the outside, it is inevitable for outdoor LCD displays to be faced with the harsh environment such as sun, rain, snow and thunder etc. Then, what should customers pay attention to when purchase outdoor LCD?

  1. Outdoor lightingproof

  Outdoor LCD must be installed lightning arrester. LCD screen and the enclosure should maintain a good grounding.

  2. Heat dissipation problem

  The dissipation problem of outdoor LCD may be hard to be solved by customers, Xunbao professional customized outdoor LCD can offer solutions to the problem according to the needs of customer’s environment, which make your outdoor LCD works without obstacles

  3. Brightness problem

  In the outside, the sun readable is a need for outdoor adversiting LCD to meet. As a professional outdoor LCD manufacturer, Xunbao have been dedicated to R & D and production since the208. Now the brightness of professional customized products of outdoor LCD is usually 1500-3000cd/ square meters, truly sun visible in the outside.

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