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Two Different Types of LCD Advertising Display

Electronic advertising growth than we imagined, no matter where you go you can see, it has a very big influence. However, digital posters are often used, Xunbao Juneng Technology Co.,Ltd will tell you two different of LCD advertising display.

 High Brightness Outdoor LCD Display

Self-supporting LCD advertising displays.


Related to a digital poster, but floor standing, these have a LCD screen built-in to the body and are only available with the TV in upright mode. The content is stored just as on a digital poster, using a storage card. These do take up lots of floor space in contrast to the digital advertising poster that can be hung in shop windows and perfect for retailers in shopping centers and malls when consumers pass by they can see the full range of services and goods you offer.


One of the benefits of floor standing advertising screens is that the body can be customized with the corporate decals, this will add to your brand and your consumers will then link you with the leaders in your business industry.

LCD advertising display.

This type of technology comprises of a LCD display with an inbuilt campaign player that hosts the ads locally on a storage card, in a lockable, safe partition. What makes these unique is that they can be used in either panorama or upright position, so if you plan on using a lot of film clips to sell your goods landscape orientation would be best for this, on the other hand if you are advertising hair products portrait could be your option of how the images are displayed.

Using this equipment it is easy to use promotional videos and pictures to use on your dynamic advertising, for case in point if you are a tanning salon you could offer and advertise skin enhancers so tan's last longer etc and use the manufacturers marketing products to do this, (all you would have to do is drag-n-drop it from the DVD to the memory card, then select how the media is displayed.)

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